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Fattoria Bibbiani, Treggiaia I.G.T.


Tasting Notes: For nearly a millennia, wine has been made at Fattoria Bibbiani, located in Montalbano, Toscana on the pilgrimage trail to Rome. Producers of our most popular Chianti, Poggio Vignoso, Bibbiani also presents Treggiaia, a blend of classic Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon; a purist’s delight–taut, but friendly.

Location Toscana, Italia.
(Capraia e Limite)
20 hectares.
Soil Yellow tufo. Clay. Sandstone. Limestone.
Estate Fattoria Bibbiani.
(fah-TOR-ee-ah bee-bee-AH-nee)
Vine Spurred Cordon.
4,400-5,000 vines/hectare.
.5 bottle/plant yield.
Winemaker Fulvio Galgani.
(FOOL-vee-oh gahl-GAH-nee)
Vinification Fermentation, maceration, and malolactic in stainless steel.
Varietals 90% Sangiovese,
5% Canaiolo,
5% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Barrel 2nd passage French oak barriques.
Residual Sugar 2.5 grams per liter. Maturation 12-18 months in the barrel.
3 months in the bottle.
Acidity 5.5 grams per liter. Vintage Production 1,000 cases.
Alcohol 13.0% by volume. Foot Fairing Perfect with light-hearted foods, simple pastas, and fresh pizza.
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