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Fattoria Bibbiani, Pulignano I.G.T.


Tasting Notes: Fattoria Bibbiani has been making wine since the 1300’s, and has one of the most storied histories in Toscana. The grounds are also home to a variety of plants and trees that are endangered in Central Italia. One of the rarest clones of the noble Sangiovese grape, Pulignano, is grown here, on only one hill in the world, and compares favorably with some of Italia’s best Brunellos. Aged in French oak barriques for three years, Bibbiani’s Pulignano is an exuberant, yet graceful ode to Sangiovese.

Location Toscana, Italia.
(Capraia e Limite)
20 hectares.
Soil Yellow tufo. Sandstone. Limestone. Clay.
Estate Fattoria Bibbiani.
(fah-TOR-ee-ah bee-bee-AH-nee)
Vine Spurred Cordon.
4,400-5,000 vines per hectare.
.5 bottle per plant average yield.
Winemaker Fulvio Galgani.
(FOOL-vee-oh gahl-GAH-nee)
Vinification Fermentation with skins in stainless steel.
Varietals 100% Sangiovese. Barrel 1st and 2nd passage French oak barriques.
Residual Sugar 0.5 grams per liter. Maturation 36 months in the barrel.
12-14 months in the bottle.
Acidity 5.5 grams per liter. Vintage Production 500 cases.
Alcohol 13.0% by volume. Foot Fairing Pot roast, wild game, and aged Italian cheeses.
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