Estate: Sikelia
Location: Sicilia, Italia.
Winemaker: Ceretto Guidi.

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Europe Italy Sicliy

Sikelia, Ceretto Guidi.

Location Sicilia, Italia.
(Town of Avola)
150 hectares. 250 meters.
Estate Sikelia.
Winemaker Ceretto Guidi.
(chay-re-TOW gwee-dee)
Enologist Ceretto Guidi.
(chay-re-TOW gwee-dee)
Enviro-Commitment hand-harvested.
No irrigation.
Estate Production 5,000 cases
Partnership Sikelia has been part of our collection since 2011.

Sikelia is the name the ancient Greek sailors gave to the island jewel of the Mediterranean, Sicily. It’s a place like no other – with scented orange trees lining a pastel-colored sea, and vineyards surrounding ancient ruins. Nero d’Avola is Sicily’s most important wine varietal. It means “black of Avola” (an ancient town), and offers a dark, lush wine that comes from its spicy, complex fruit. It’s wonderful when young and fresh – with notes of sweet smoke, blackberry cobbler, and morello cherry.

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Our Family of Winemakers

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